Side Effect Edp ml.90


Side Effect Edp ml.90

Side Effect by Initio Parfum Privés is the fragrance of the unspeakable, where passion and emotions are laid bare, enveloping anyone who wears it in an aura of magic and pure enjoyment.
The harmony of tobacco, vanilla, rum, cinnamon of Side Effect by Initio Parfum Privés and? bewitched. Does it haunt our darker side? rational by throwing each of its characteristics, animal leather and the woody note of vanilla, one after the other. Recklessly daring… and inspiring. The emotions and passions that we had buried at the bottom of the soul take over. The fragrance pierces the veil of the unmentionable. This passionate perfume has the power to envelop the wearer in a state of alteration where nothing is? too risky why? there is not? more? nothing to fear.

Olfactory family: oriental
Main notes: tobacco, vanilla, rum, cinnamon, leather


Side Effect Edp ml.90


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