Psychedelic Love Edp – Not available


Psychedelic Love Edp

Psychedelic Love by Initio Parfum Privés is the transgressive fragrance that brings psychedelic journeys to life. This fetish composition has the effect of a double action bomb: first it causes an absolute, egotistical and addictive pleasure to then reach and tease the target, leaving it completely bewitched.

The secret, a true narcotic bomb, is hidden in the three essential ingredients: rose, hedione and heliotropine. While hedione activates the regions of the brain responsible for pleasure and libido, heliotropin goes even further. As delicate as it is illicit, this crystalline powder knows how to hide its true intentions well. Don’t trust its soft, powdery and floral facets, poised between vanilla and almond! Used in high dosages, heliotropin becomes a psychoactive substance. A forbidden shiver runs down my spine. A substance to be used with extreme caution. Its possession is controlled by strict laws, because heliotropin is used in the chemical synthesis of mda, a prohibited drug substitute for ecstasy. Faced with this diabolical concession, no one is safe from an olfactory obsession that can soon become a real addiction!

Olfactory family: woody floral
Main notes: bergamot, myrrh, rose, vanilla, patchouli


Psychedelic Love Edp


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