Parfums De Marly Paris Kalan ml.75


Parfums De Marly Paris Kalan ml.75

…noble like the thoroughbred from which it takes its name, belonging to one of the most famous stables of Louis XV, known for its vigor, speed and agility.

As powerful as the scarlet bottle that showcases it: it goes without saying that red is the color of passion and luxury.

Charismatic like the perfume, initially proud, but gradually letting itself be conquered.

An extraordinarily fresh initial note of blood orange, black pepper and spices for an energy boost.

The accord between lavender and orange blossom essential oil is released evoking the majesty of French formal gardens.

White sandalwood wrapped in musk, woody notes, amber and tonka bean melt into the skin and ignite the imagination.


Parfums De Marly Paris Kalan ml.75


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