Nobile 1942 – La stanza delle Bambole ml.75 – extract – unavailable


La Stanza delle Bambole

Let’s play pretend…
Children experience life together with puppets and dolls. Dolls cared for, pampered and loved, a projection of daily life inserted in a fantastic world, built ad hoc by childish creativity. But in the relationship with the doll there is also the malice of a little girl who explores the world of adults, who communicates with an inanimate being, mimics adults and builds her personality by freely expressing unconscious thoughts, hidden visions, even exorcising her own monsters. interior.

A strong bond that grows over time: the doll is replaced by a doll with the features of an adult woman who becomes a model to imitate.

The doll can then become for the adult, for the man as well as for the woman, an object on which to pour one’s love, with which to compensate for one’s shortcomings … Or to paradoxically become children again, right now that one has become an adult .

HEAD: Mandarin, bergamot, night of milk
HEART: Hawthorn, powdery orange blossom, ylang ylang
TAIL: Sandalwood, vanilla, tonka bean, musky notes


Nobile 1942 – La stanza delle Bambole ml.75


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