Jovoy – Edp Fire at Will ml.100 –


Vanilla and Mimosa, intensity and delicacy, seduction and enchantment, an orchestrated duo with an independent nose Vanina Muracciole that offers the promise of seductive encounters and a return to lightness.

At the beginning there is vanilla, but it is an unexpected, subtle, ethereal vanilla, as if it were suspended, with a unique note of honeyed and powdery mimosa. Then comes the gourmand vanilla, fruity but not cloying, balanced between a “real” vanilla ice cream and sweet promises that echo like languid kisses.

An unequivocal sillage, conceived as a reminder, which stimulates the appetite and puts the wearer in the spotlight. Created to not go unnoticed.

Top Notes: Mimosa Absolute (France) – Vanilla Absolute
Heart Notes: Vanilla Sugar – Cane Sugar
Base Notes: Bouquet of White Musks – Amber Vetiver


Jovoy – Edp Fire at Will ml.100


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