Edp Orion ml.100


Orion by Tiziana Terenzi was born during the hot and sunny summer days of Tiziana and Paolo Terenzi who, little more than children, spent most of their time in the company of their grandfather who filled them with magical and always exciting stories.

The backdrop is Monte Conero: rocks and forest reflected in the crystal-clear water of one of the most beautiful bays in Italy, protected by two peaks hurled into the sea by the gods, called ‘the two sisters’. At night, the light breeze accompanied them throughout their journey, carefree wafting the smells of the Mediterranean scrub. Oriented by the stars, Tiziana and Paolo Terenzi’s father sailed safely, while their grandfather Guglielmo pointed to the constellation Orion and its mythical belt.
And it is here that Orion comes to life, a spicy and intense perfume, strong but at the same time gentle. Effervescent thanks to the citrus bouquet, in counterpoint to the sweetness of pineapple and the roundness of apple, it reaches its brilliant trail thanks to spice accords such as thyme and oregano.
A fresh breeze is felt when wearing it, a kind of dreamlike journey to infinity.

Olfactory family: oriental woody fruity spicy

Top notes: bergamot, redcurrant, apple and pineapple, fresh wind
Middle notes: spicy notes, patchouli, birch, jasmine, thyme
Base notes: incense, amber, oud, musk, cedar


Edp Orion ml.100


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