Edp Carlisle ml.125


Edp Carlisle ml.125

Carlisle by Parfums De Marly Paris is a unisex fragrance built around the theme of sandalwood, a spicy and enveloping note with a hint of soft and rich vanilla.

It is a sensual fragrance which revolves mainly around the sandalwood theme with a hint of vanilla, warm and enveloping. Aromas of vanilla, dark patchouli and opoponax. The blend distils its aura of oriental mystery by delicately playing with accents of nutmeg, saffron and tonka bean. It may be the unexpected association between the tartness of green apple and the sweetness of vanilla, but this rich and densely textured creation ultimately reveals itself on the skin as irrepressibly joyful.

Olfactory family: fruity-spicy

Top notes: green apple, nutmeg.

Middle notes: tonka bean, osmanthus, davana, rose.

Base notes: vanilla, patchouli, opoponax, resinoid.



Edp Carlisle ml.125


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