Bohemian Lime Edp ml.100 – not available


Bohemian Lime Edp ml.100

Bohemian Lime by Goldfield & Banks is a citrus fragrance for men and women.

Under the canopy of a lush, sunlit tropical rainforest, the fragrance evokes an image of native citrus trees drawing life from nearby cool waterfalls.
Bohemian Lime opens with invigorating notes of Australian finger lime (lemon caviar) and Australian coriander, but then mellows to reveal woody notes of vetiver, cedar and sandalwood in the base.

Bohemian Lime is a carefree and genderless fragrance.
An ode to Byron Bay, Australia’s premier free-spirited tropical enclave, a place that enjoys the crack of dawn.

Australian Finger Lime
Vetiver from Haiti
Atlas cedar wood from Morocco
Australian sandalwood

Tropical – Pungent – Citrus

Woody – Carefree – Persistent


Bohemian Lime Edp ml.100


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