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AMNESIA ROSE is an intensely spicy floral sparkling that pierces voluminous roundness to reveal itself on the skin. It is a liquid that smells like it has been soaked in saffron with patchouli-edged petals, a palette that veers from the freshest to the most vintage rose, like when you blow the dust off a good vintage red wine.

At the first sniff, it seizes the moment chasing the twilight of a languid autumn evening, and the draft from an ajar door lets in a bouquet that breaks the stagnant air. A rose that is not deep red or pale pink, but soft pastel purple that looks almost gray. The edges of its petals are now starting to curl, opening up to that fullness that mimics the shape of the bulb like a cup of tea filled with opulent spices and fine wood cuts.

The composition is inspired by the lifestyle of AEDES PERFUMERY, the place in New York’s Lower East Side where eye-catching decorations emerge from large vases together with vintage fabrics and stuffed and feathered figures. There is always incense in the air and easily a scented card under our nose. The name derives from a variety of rose grown in France: its delicate scent and its appearance evoke a past time later translated into AMNESIA ROSE.

Perfumer Luca Maffei worked for 8 years to transmute the essence of perfumery into a bottle, gradually balancing those mysterious and peppery shades, sure of creating something that works on everyone’s skin: “This is an intense rose, whose personality it never vanishes and, above all, it never goes unnoticed” says Maffei. To create a sustained bloom of woody spice, she blended Moroccan rose absolute and Bulgarian rose essence with Cypriol oil, saffron and Bushman’s Candle plant (Monsonia Patersonii). The sparkling initial sparkle of AMNESIA ROSE at the opening, due to pink pepper, is soon replaced by a satin density that runs through it to transform into a dry earthy base softened by labdanum, patchouli and oud.

Moroccan Rose Absolute – Bulgarian Rose Essence – Bushman’s Candle – Saffron – Cypriol – Labdanum – Pink Pepper CO2 – White Incense – Patchouli – Benzoin – Light Woods – Oud




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