Founded in 1990 by Lorenzo Villoresi after a degree in Philosophy and years of travel, experiments, studies on raw materials and the creation of bespoke perfumes, the Maison expresses a world full of suggestions and influences from different countries and cultures. From the very beginning, the creation of fragrances encompasses every aspect of their creation. The production, entirely internal to the company, requires absolute attention and a continuous search for quality. The hexagonal bottle has become a distinctive sign of the collections, which are both timeless and contemporary, an expression of an idea of ​​sober and personal luxury. The desire for beauty determines the choice of the finest ingredients for the fragrances and of noble and timeless materials for the packaging and accessories. The intrinsic value of the raw materials reveals the intangible identity of the Maison, made up of emotion, creativity, harmony, innovation, vision and authenticity, in the constant search for excellence.

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